Name: Callisto
Price: 7.99 USD

♦ Access to /nick

♦ Access to /workbench

♦ Access to /anvil

♦ Access to /ender


Receive a rank prefix

The ability to access 2 Player Vaults

You will have the ability to set up to 2 homes

The ability to create 2 auctions

The ability to join server when full

The ability to use color sign

The ability to edit sign by shift-click

Chance to get extra Point on vote

No Command Cooldown


Diamond Armor ( Protection II, Unbreaking II )
Diamond Sword ( Sharpness II, Unbreaking II )
Diamond Pickaxe ( Efficiency II, Unbreaking II )
diamond axe ( Efficiency II, Unbreaking II )
16 x Apple
16 x Pumpkin pie